Hen’s Party Idea’s

blog7Playful Pauline here again with a wonderful playful fun idea for you when you have to plan your next hen party. We all know that this is an important engagement for the woman who is about to be married. Usually the girls get together and have a little fun. Your party can be more fun if you take the time to plan an awesome event for your friend.

Here is my first tip for you. Order your party accessories from an online adult store. They have everything from Pecker shaped shot glasses to penis shaped cake pans to party bride shirts with an attached shot glass to x-rated balloons. There are also drinking games that can be played like Ladies Night, which is great to get the party really moving whether you are at a bar or at a friend’s home. The selection of hen party favours is tremendous and you are sure to find all of the decorations you will need to make your party playful fun and extremely festive.

Now that you know where to buy all of your decorations, you need to decide if you are having a surprise party or not. I think surprise parties are the best and full of possible ideas for decorating. My preference too, is to have the party at someone’s home. You never know what kind of naughty gifts that will be given to the hen. I think if you follow a simple planning guide and assign aspects of the party to different people is best. Once you have the directions handed out, all you need to do is use your imagination while you are having playful fun while planning the big event.

What makes a bachelorette or hen party sizzle? What gives it an edge that people will be talking about for days? How about some naughty party games? They don’t even have to cost much money. Here are some naughty bachelorette party games for free!

Pin it!

A twist on a children’s classic first – Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Only it’s a man, not a donkey and you can imagine what to use instead of the tail…! Each girl puts the blindfold on, is spun round by the rest of the bachelorettes and has to try and pin the “tail” on, with varying success! It’ll have you all giggling like kids, guaranteed!

Pass the cucumber

Or how about pass the cucumber? All the girls stand in 2 rows, and each team has a cucumber. The aim is to pass the cucumber from between each person’s knees to the next – first one to get the cucumber to the front of the line wins! You can even make them eat the cucumber to win…

Pass the parcel – adult style

For another naughty take on a children’s game you could make an adult Pass the Parcel, the prize could be a vibrator or a pampering kit. Another game that’s much more fun as a grown-up!

Chopstick striptease

Now, we all know that it’s traditional at a wedding for the maids of honor to hook up with the groomsmen. So why not get them some practice at the bachelorette party? Get a dressmaker’s doll, dress it up with shirt, trousers, tie and waistcoat, then get each girl to undress “him”. Sound too easy? Well, I may not have mentioned the bit where you can only use a chopstick. It’s pretty tricky undoing the buttons on a formal shirt with a chopstick, but you’d be amazed what some of the girls can do! Again, you’re going to learn something…

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